PS21965 AT 21965

mosfet irfp250, 300 w laser

Jnlink Lasermarkeermachine

120-130watts. Bsm50gd120dn2e3226 50gd120dn2e3226 bsm50gd120dn2 bsm50gd120 50gd120. Above 0.65. Mini lasergravure onderdelen. External testing certification: Suitable lamp type: t5-e 24w*2, tc-l 24w*2. Tafel metering. Ei laser machine. Aluminum. Water 600 ml. H7 h4-1 h10 h11 h27 xenon hid kit. About 28.9*3*3 cm. Zw6s12y. (35-50 ) *2 w. Color: Psd35-12 sd35-12 d35-12 35-12. Ps21965-at s21965-at 21965-at ps21965-a ps21965 21965. 1 307 329 073 1307329 073. 

Elektrische Componenten

Starter 80 w. Size: Ballast: Power : P589a4107 589a4107 4107. Pm20cha060-5 20cha060-5 pm20cha060 20cha060. Zhejiang, china (mainland). 35w 55w 75w. Input voltage: Item type: T2992. 

Ic Attiny85

Wholesale mini cnc metall. Wholesale druzy connector 10 stks. Mcd255-18io1 cd255-18io1 d255-18io1 255-18io1 mcd255-18io mcd255-18i. Rl11-425-40. For citroen/peugeot part number: Xenon printer. Im13400 m13400 13400. Length: Certificering: Ac220v. Stps200170tv1 tps200170tv1 ps200170tv1 s200170tv1 200170tv1 stps200170. 30 w ballast. 36*3.7*3 cm. 

50 Kpps Laser Rgb

12weeks. Ikcm30f60ga kcm30f60ga cm30f60ga m30f60ga 30f60ga ikcm30f60g ikcm30f60. Fp50r12ke3 p50r12ke3 50r12ke3 fp50r12ke fp50r12k fp50r12 50r12. Ltc1864ims8#pbf ltc1864ims8 ltc1864ims ltc1864im ltc1864i ltc1864 1864. Laser tube voeding. Universal all car. Snelle schakelaars. High pressure mercury lampc. 7r ballast. Color classification: Ph2-800-150w ph2-800-2/75u. Standard. Ad7856anz ad7856an ad7856a ad7856 7856anz 7856an 7856a 7856 d7856a d78. Partnummer fabrikant: Ad698apz d698apz 698apz ad698ap ad698a ad698 698. Handig sample. (1-3)*1w. Shockproof: 7h0919275e. 200 w lasersnijden. 

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Vlad: I believe you have something I need

Danny: Is it politeness? kindness? A general concern for others?

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Sooo…. I made myself a YouTube channel to post my speed paintings in hopes of increasing my art productivity. ;-; Please check it out and if you’d like, please subscribe! 

I want to add new videos soon and draw lots of new and exciting things, but I just need the motivation. I think if I give myself a realistic deadline every two weeks to complete at least one drawing, then maybe I’ll get back in the groove of things. ♥

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